2019 / 01


Dear Readers,

Yes, you’re holding the very first issue of our new trade journal, PETFOOD Packaging. Starting immediately, PETFOOD Packaging will appear every other month; starting next year, then every month, and it will reach the global pet food industry! Our editorial focus will be on packaging - its manufacturing and processing - but also on all of the underlying process technology. Of course we will also devote ourselves to other topics that concern the international pet food industry. There will be an interview published in each issue. We will conduct interviews with personalities in the industry, and we will also let specialists and experts have their turn. Each issue will also include a company portrait. Environmental and design topics and market studies will round out our editorial reporting.

Along with this first issue, we would like to introduce our digital offerings. At petfood-packaging.com you will find much of the editorial content that we are presenting in this issue. A free newsletter will appear regularly in order to keep you up-to-date on industry news and inform you about innovations.

Who are we? For more than 35 years, we have been a specialist printer devoted to various segments of the international packaging industries around the world. We are optimistic that, with our expertise and specialized knowledge, we will present you with a medium that will help you with your daily work.

With PETFOOD Packaging, you will find us at all national and international trade events, trade shows, forums, and exhibitions. Even now, we're looking forward to numerous conversations with you and to the inspiration with which we hope you will provide us.  
Detlev Melcher
Ben Kuplien

The Petfood Packaging Magazine

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