2020 / 01


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For many weeks now, people around the world have been focused on the coronavirus COVID-19. Millions of people have had to remain at home, in their houses and apartments, entire economies have been shut down, public life as a whole came to a standstill. Gradually, however, the situation is improving. A little normality is returning, and we are pleased that the international pet food packaging industry has withstood this crisis well!  

This issue is devoted especially to the Chinese market. The report “China Pet Statistics” explains pet ownership by the numbers and reveals the special features of the Chinese market for the industry. Furthermore, we spoke with Joey Lo of Box Brand Design of Beijing about present design trends in Asia.

Another focal point of this issue is the invisible barcodes developed by the American company digimarc®; their use speeds up more than just activities at the cash register.

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Ben Kuplien

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