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Protein-based packaging material Nexrier® wins Gold at WPO Awards

EVERCHEMTECH introduces eco-friendly biodegradable barrier material

South Korean company EVERCHEMTECH wins the Gold Award at WPO at Interpack 2023 for its product Nexrier®, an eco-friendly, gas-blocking, biodegradable barrier material made from protein by-products such as milk and cheese. Because of the use of these renewable raw materials, the WPO jury judged the product to be particularly environmentally friendly.

This proprietary technology from EVERCHEMTECH can be applied not only to paper and biodegradable materials (PLA, PBAT, PGA, etc.) but also to other substrates such as OPP, BOPE, MOPE, etc. to produce high-barrier packaging materials with excellent recyclability. This is confirmed by the Korean KCL Institute: the product has excellent blocking properties, which makes the use of multilayer films unnecessary. Films with Nexrier® are demonstrably treated as "mono-material (single component material)" and rated "Excellent" in the evaluation of packaging structure. 

Due to its barrier properties, Nexrier® requires significantly less raw materials: where EVOH needs to be 12-50 µm thick to achieve high performance properties, EVERCHEMTECH's material gets by with 1-3 µm. Environmental impact assessments certify a 96.3% reduction of environmental impact in LCL environmental impact assessment (resource depletion, global warming etc.). 

Nexrier® can be used not only for food packaging that retains its freshness, but also for laminate tubes of cosmetics and household products, replacing the conventional Al coating or EVOH currently used. In addition, it is also suitable for face masks and pharmaceutical packaging. No hazardous substances were generated during REACH and FDA testing.

Dr. Seong-min Lee, CEO of EVERCHEMTECH, said, "As the demand for ESG management of companies regarding carbon neutrality is increasing, we expect Nexrier to be a good solution.“

Currently, Nexrier products are being sold worldwide, and EVERCHEMTECH plans to produce locally in Europe within a few years. However, you can already contact the local representative in Germany through esbaek@amb-tech.de (Eunsun Baek).

For more details, visit http://www.everchemtech.com/en/product/technology_barrier.php

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